La cuarentena que se está realizando en todo el mundo ha hecho que se tengan que buscar nuevas formas para mantenernos unidos y fuertes ante la situación. Algunos artistas han optado por dar conciertos por livestream y otros han compartido nueva música. Pero Florence Welch decidió hacer un poema.

A través de su cuenta de Instagram, la cantante de Florence & The Machine llamó a sus fans a “unirse de una forma diferente” durante este momento de distanciamiento social a causa del contagio de COVID-19.

Por favor escribe una línea que te gustaría agregar al ‘Poema Colectivo’ y yo trataré de unirlas y que encajen. Si te estás sintiendo asustado, ansioso o aislado te mando mucho amor. Yo me estoy sintiendo igual. Pero la creatividad es una pequeña bendición.

Y hoy por fin Florence compartió el resultado final a través de su cuenta de Twitter con la descripción: “Poema Colectivo. Escrito por ti.” El que sin duda es una maravilla.

Te dejamos a continuación el poema colectivo:

“And then it all began,
This drowsiness is scary,
The days blurred,
I kiss your ribs because I want to feel the way you breathe,
I keep the smallest stick wedged in the door.

“The God in me begins to pray and knows that we sung choruses from our balconies,
To give ourselves some company,
Hiding from the phantom in our city,
An overwhelming sense of contradiction,
Staying away from what I love out of love,
I was waiting for the birds to tell me it was over,
Afraid as a fevered child, bound to the bed.

“Just look for the grace of your mother, my daughter, the health care worker,
Who comes with a cloth for your head,
A long forgotten astronaut caught in the atmosphere,
And as it spins aimlessly,
And now alone in the dark,
It remembers how to breathe,
How to close its eyes,
How to simply be.

“Maybe this i permission, to rest, to love, to breathe, to make beauty in madness,
Music in silence, to write letters, to say sorry, to feel our bodies, to feel compassion.
Maybe this is a lesson in deepest truths and simplest pleasures.
Will we ever again be asked to stay still to save lives?

“Early spring thaws the ground enough to make it kind to girls who run barefoot through woods,
Palm leaves glittering in the sky,
A hurricane of fear,
And despite it all, we’re still here,
Only now we understand the perils of our fathers.

“Somewhere out of it but right,
Right here,
Now is our turn to take care of you.”

Foto de portada vía Facebook Florence + The Machine.