Himnos del club de los corazones rotos

Seguro que hoy vas a ver a muchos hombres cargar peluches enormes y a las mujeres sonreír con ramos de rosas. Ya no hablemos de las filas interminables en los hoteles. Pero nosotros nos vamos a concentrar en el club de los corazones rotos.

Almas que perecen por el amor no correspondido o por haber perdido al ser amado y para ellos elegimos 14 canciones que se destacan por las letras desgarradoras. Esta es nuestra selección, pero queremos saber qué canciones te sirven como desahogo.

El ciclo del amor con canciones de The Vaccines

Aunque No Sea ConmigoCelso Piña feat. Café Tacvba

“Estoy contigo aunque estés lejos de mi vida, por tu felicidad a costa de la mía.”

1999Love of Lesbian

“Y pierdo la conciencia cuando escucho cómo dices: ‘que sea cierto el jamás’.”

Con Las GanasZahara

“Me moriré de ganas de decirte que te voy a echar de menos.”

Don’t Think TwiceBob Dylan

“I’m on the dark side of the road but I wish there was somethin’ you would do or say. To try and make me change my mind and stay.”

I know It’s OverThe Smiths

“Love is natural and real. But not for such as you and I, my love.”

C’mere – Interpol

“The trouble is that you’re in love with someone else / It should be me. ”

Don’t SpeakNo Doubt

“I can’t believe this could be the end. It looks as though you’re letting go.”

MapsYeah Yeah Yeahs

“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you.”

Boys Don’t CryThe Cure

“I would tell you that I loved you, if I thought that you would stay. But I know that it’s no use and you’ve already gone away.”


“And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one ‘cause most of us are bitter over someone.”

Dumb Enough To Try – Father John Misty

“Oh, I’ve been here a few times before. Oh, but you could have me anytime. Everything’s cool, I’m great, it’s fine.”

Forget HerJeff Bucley

“Don’t fool yourself, she was heartache from the moment that you met her.”

Still BeatingMac DeMarco

“I never meant to sing my tune for anybody else out there but you.”

Your love is killing MeSharon Van Etten

“See her with his gun and he, steals love so he can feel alive. Everyone’s knees knockin’ at the fear of love, taste blood. Everybody needs to feel.”