We continue with the celebrations for the twenty years of Marvin magazine. Why? Because the parties go on for as long as their participants wish. We are pleased to announce that our publication now has an English version; so you just have to go to MVNShop to get the most recent issues that we have published in the language of Shakespeare.

As part of our development plans within the framework of our 20th anniversary, we have decided to expand our readership by publishing our most recent issues in English: 185, with Róisín Murphy, K / DA and MDYSSL on the cover; 186, with Julien Baker at the helm; and 188, featuring Black Pumas and Fito Páez as the flag.

In this way we extend our discourse beyond borders, because even though the network allows us to reach any pole, language continues to be a barrier. We want our speech to ignore passports. With this action we reaffirm our commitment to the written word and rigorous journalism.

So spread the word. Invite your friends to come to Marvin magazine. You just have to go to MVNShop to get the numbers you want and, of course, being there, it would not hurt to take a tour of the entire store. marvin-magazine-mvn-shop-20-years-english-version